We offer a variety of products from local businesses such as...

      • Stillmans Farms: Dairy fresh heavy cream, white, chocolate, strawberry, and COFFEE milk.
      • Joyce's Bakery: Fresh baked pies, cookies, and meat pies.
      • Francescos Chilli: Beef and chicken chilli.
      • The Scandinavian Bread Company: Finnish Pulla bread, scones and so much more.
      • Too Tall Tom's Camp Mixes: All in one seasoning mixes from Tom.
      • Ewen's Maple Syrup: By far the best syrup in the area.
      • Johnson's Eggs: Local eggs are the freshest. Great for breakfast or baking.
      • Saw Mill Site Farms (Horseradish Products): Great hot tasting horseraedish.


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